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BIPV(Building Integrated PV)--将光伏组件等发电设备集成到建筑中,使之成为建筑的构件或表面材料。

BAPV(Building Attached PV)--将光伏组件等设备搭建在建筑顶面。


Building integrated photovoltaic

     BIPV(Building Integrated PV)--Power equipment such as PV module are integrated into buildings as a construction or surfacing material.

BAPV(Building Attached PV)-- Power equipment such as PV module are installed on the top of the building.

     Consisting of PV module, controller, inverter, support system and monitoring system, the BIPV system can be set as an off-grid system, distributed power system and high voltage grid system as needed.


  利用已有建筑屋顶CA88-亚洲第一平台,特别是在彩钢板等轻钢结构屋顶建设光伏电站。合理把握规范要求,采取夹具(配合固定胶)等固定方式,使荷载控制在规定范围之内。为在轻钢结构屋顶建设光伏电站,提供理论计算和实施方案,解决了轻钢结构屋面防水及荷载等问题。

  太阳能光伏与建筑美学有机结合,推动光伏建筑材料的发展CA88-亚洲第一平台CA88-亚洲第一平台,减少重复建设,降低运行成本。

  Establish a photovoltaic power station by taking advantage of existing buildings roofs, especially roofs with lightweight steel construction. Use clamps (with fixing glue) to control the load within prescribed limit. Provide theoretical calculation and execute solution for photovoltaic power station construction to solve issues such as waterproofing of roofs and loading. 

  The organic combination of solar photovoltaic and architectural aesthetics promotes the development of Photovoltaic building materials, reduces repeated construction and running cost.

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